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iphone case diy

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iphone case diy

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. So goes the latest rumor. A Taiwanese blog, Apple.pro, says it has its hands on information pointing to three different models being considered for final production as the iPhone 5, expected to be released this summer (here's a Google Translate link). One has a physical keyboard that slides out, and another is said to be like an iPhone 4 in styling but with a longer-lasting battery and a better camera. The upgrade from an iPhone 4 to that model of iPhone 5, according to the report, would be similar to the modest improvements from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, iphone case diy One of the main issues has to do with the type of technology that carriers use to pinpoint people and their cell phones, Many carriers use a technology called Enhanced Observed Time Difference, or EOTD, The technology compares the arrival time of a 911 call at a number of different cellular base stations in an area, Through distance and time calculations, a person is located, FCC records, however, show that the use of EOTD technology and equipment is an issue, causing vendors and carriers massive headaches and missed delivery deadlines, At the heart of the problem is accuracy..

iOS 10.3 added a new profile section at the top of Settings that rounds up all your account information. It provides convenient access to your iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family Sharing information along with a list of all the Apple devices you've linked to these accounts. If you tap on the iCloud line in the new profile section at the top of Settings, you'll see a helpful graph of how you are filling up your iCloud storage. Yeah, it'll probably be mostly photos but it still offers a handy check-in on where you stand with your iCloud account. You can tap on the graph to get an app-specific breakdown and manage your iCloud storage.

Among other things, the Moto X is expected to be offered with user-defined color choices and engravings for the shell, According to a recent Nowhereelse.fr (translate) report, there will be up to 16 colors to choose from, iphone case diy blue, purple, red, and green being among them, In addition to the color options, users may also be able to pick from a variety of finishes, New photos from Monday show a slightly more textured design to the shell, For what it's worth, custom finishes have been rumored for months and, at one time, included word of a wood case..

The tablet market has been having a tough time lately. Sales of Apple's iPad have fallen year over year for six straight quarters, and Samsung's sales have also struggled. Research firm IDC last month forecast that tablet shipments worldwide will decline 8 percent this year. Tablets were the hot market just a few years ago, but interest has waned with the industry offering few reasons to upgrade. Consumers have been holding onto their older tablets or have been opting for bigger-screen smartphones.

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